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Selecting a Marriage Celebrant

Selecting a Marriage Celebrant

One of the hardest things about selecting a Marriage Celebrant for your Wedding is wondering will they be suitable for your style of wedding.  
Meeting them for a short I hour interview - are they going to live up to our expectations? * be too casual* too stuffy. * are they going to see our wedding ceremony in the same light same as we do?


An experienced celebrant has seen witnessed and explored all types of deliveries of a Ceremony.  One of the things you would need to check is whether they are versatile in their delivery, all ceremonies should be individual, do they listen to want you want and are accepting of different styles?
They should be able to make you laugh, giggle, smile and shed a tear, fell warm and cosy or party on like there’s no tomorrow!
They would not be getting the appointments unless they can reflect a number of different styles.
Having examples of weddings they have done in the past is a good indication that they are willing to show you they can do different styles of weddings.                                                                                 Styles of vows, readings and wedding wording indicate their willingness to try and please you. 

Style of music- A versatile celebrant should have an extensive list of music –with always room for more. Anything from the classical - Wedding March to Highway to Hell- ACDC and everything in between. This is a good indication that your celebrant is a happy camper when it comes to different styles.


They should be enthusiastic about what your aim is. (And also maybe point out reasons to change or modify your ideas, if they have not work in the past).                                                                               Having experience of the job really is the key.


When the groom say “Is there anything I have to remember to do/say”? And the celebrant answers is “no – I have your vows, readings here and will guide you all the way, the music is on a playlist – all sorted”  - music to the ears of a nervous couple! 
Being prepared - Before the initial interview, I always send my couples a list of questions of what we will talk about at that first meeting, it give them a heads up about what we will be discussing and it means I am armed with some information to write a example draft that we can send back and forth till we create a brilliant ceremony that reflects you both! 

Plenty of Reviews                                                                                                                                     When a member of the bridal party says to you “Oh thanks, you really fill in all the gaps for us’ or “you really listened and gave us the type of ceremony we wanted”, that’s a compliment, we love to hear!                                                                                                                                                                                                 Read the reviews of Bridal couples that have used their services, have they left glowing reports of their ceremonies?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      A good Celebrant should have plenty of great reviews.

You’re Input – Very important!

One of the things I do try to point out to couples is that if you don’t let your celebrant a wee bit into the mechanisms of your love story, how are they going to write the type of ceremony you would like? They can’t read your mind – so you need to spell it out. 
This can include;-
 * Your love story – some couples want to share this – others don’t
*What you love about each other.
*Things like- what you love doing together- doesn’t have to be big – just the both of you.
*Things that make you laugh – together or at each other- a big part of a relationship.
*Things that you aren’t too keen on, but are willing to over look in your partner – you love them anyway.
*Family ties- what’s most important do you, want to bring that into your ceremony?
*Nick names/ your goofyness.   

                                      All important in personalising a ceremony!                                              Remember (unless the wording is a legal requirement, which ceremonies do have) you shouldn’t have wording you don’t like and have the ability to change it with no dramas.                                                                                                                      Our aim is to give you a wonderful ceremony!

                                      Cathlyn Woollard Marriage Celebrant over 36 wedding recommendations on the web site and many more –  Based in Lilydale Victoria