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Pre Planning A Funeral

Pre Planning a Funeral

                              Hmm sounds icky? For the pessimistic ones? No actually its not a bad idea.                                            A lasting legacy or a celebration of life - well that's what many Funerals are these days, friends and family coming away saying in amazement - "Wow what a life! Never knew that about old Harry".                                                                                                                                     Moving towns, cites, or countries, leading separate lives away from our siblings means that some aspects of a life long history are only discovered at the funeral.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I started to ponder my Funeral when at my 50th Birthday Celebration, two of my siblings decided to take it upon themselves to do a speech. They showed a large A4 picture of me at 13, shower cap on the head, up close and personal with the mirror squeezing a pimple.                                                        One of my friends was silently mouthing to me"what are they doing??"                                              I just grinned and took the ribbing that was to come. Yes they were trying to be funny and embarrass me at the same time.                                                                                                                              But the thought did enter my head "OMG! theses are the people who could be doing my FUNERAL!"
Bit sad when all anyone can come up with after 50 years is a pic of a gawky teenager.                            I've led a wonderful and interesting and far from sheltered existence.                                                   Traveled to many countries, backpacked, white water rafted many times, abseiled, paragliding, owned many businesses and pushed boundaries and had loads of fun!                                              Adding to that, I have one daughter who was born when I was 36, by that time I'd already had a Farm, traveled heaps and been doing all sorts of things, I'm still filling her in on ( Some I don't want to disclose!)                                                                                                                                               But this isn't about what I've done, but it is to show just how family in your life can zero in on one aspect, rather than the big picture and not that I want accolades about what I've done I would want an overall picture at my passing, of a well lived in life.                                                                           One that comes to mind - for example - a gent I know - having a lifetime love of pigeon breeding with many awards and skills passed to other breeders and honored by his peers, is seen by his family as "just mucking around with those bloody messy pigeons!"

Preplanning lets you decide how your lifelong journey will be portrayed. Whether your into pidgeon breeding, classic cars, rock n roll music - whats important to you is what's important.                       Not only do you get to have the last say (hehe), it takes the pressure off family to organise a lifetime of photos ( Many in old albums slowly rotting away), history, and interesting stories in a matter of a few days.                                                                                                                                                    Pre planning can be a rewarding experience that can be shared with a loved one who  is eminently moving on. Sometimes the recalling of old memories puts a spark into the life of an elderly person - rather than talking about the obvious, but the 'smiles on faces' recalling of life's stories to make it a moving experience.
Funerals these days include;- displaying items from hobbies, loved music, family rituals, their funny quirky aspects, their pet hates, grandchildren speaking about their beloved Poppy or Gran, writing good wishes on caskets, friends recalling warm memories, social clubs veteran affairs involvement.
A celebration of the things that were important to the deceased.                                                           Such a important ceremony - why not Pre plan?                                                                                     As a Funeral Celebrant our job is to provide a personalized ceremony full of warmth, interest and love that family and friends can relate to as being " yes that just like him/her!"And do it well.
If your in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne and are interested in Pre Plannning a Funeral Ceremony contact me at 0408102065 and we can discuss your requirements.

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