Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pop Up Weddings in the Yarra Valley - 5 packages available $2100 31st Oct 2017 includes Venue, Celebrant, Photographer, Bouquet and Buttonhole

9/6/17 – It’s on - Pop Up Weddings – Get in Quick – Only 5 packages Available!
                                                              31st October 2017                                     I’m very happy to say we will be working with professional and wonderful suppliers for our Pop Up Weddings on the 31st Of October!
Yarra Ranges Estate is in a beautiful location for our PopUp Weddings. And is run by the lovely couple, Anne and Anton together with their son James, who have many years experience providing their services to the Wedding industry.                                                                                     Their web site is – if you’re interested in having a Pop Up wedding, visit the location and say hello to Anne and Anton. While you’re there pick out your location. Their number is -Ph 97520683. 

 If you’ve ever dreamed about having your wedding in a glorious location with delicious food in the Yarra Valley, well these Pop Ups make that dream come true for a fantastic price.
Best part is once your 1 & 1/2 hours is up, there are plenty of wineries and cafés in the area so you can continue to party on in the area!
  • Remember “An Intend to marry Form” needs to be filled out, signed and witnessed and lodged with a Marriage Celebrant, 31 days before your wedding to make it legal. You will need either your birth certificates or passports and a Photocopy of your driver’s License for ID. If married before your divorce papers are needed too. All in English or translated be a NAATI approved translator. Any questions – just ask. Ph 0408102065
  • If you don’t have your legal papers in order in time, you can have a commitment ceremony and when the legal papers are available, and the 31 days from signing has passed, a small legal ceremony can be performed at your residence or mutually agreed place.
  • For more information go to or ring me on 0408102065

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